Stock movements, stocks and stocktaking

The convenient and clearly laid out warehouse management in the shop POS system offers theft-proof transparency across all warehouses and branches. Stock movements, stocks and values are documented clearly and comprehensively.

Thanks to the multi-user ERP system, all stores can sell products which are currently only available in the central warehouse or in another store from any standard PC.


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Function 1

All types of entries shown clearly and simply

All types of entries can be made in the shop POS system, ensuring that stock levels can be managed quickly and accurately. From entering opening stock levels to transferring stocks and stocktaking to making sales.


Managing stock levels:

  • Record opening stock levels using stock list or by making a new entry.
  • Enter new additions to the store or warehouse, e.g. logging in incoming goods or registering delivery notes
  • Transfer goods between two stock locations: between two shops, between warehouse and store etc.
  • If goods are removed from stock for whatever reason, this is documented in the system, for example if goods are withdrawn or sold with receipt / A4 invoice.

Entries can be made so easily


Einfaches Auswählen von Ausgangs- und Ziellager über das Auswahlmenü
Selection of warehouse


Select warehouse or store

Select warehouse or store of origin and target warehouse or store.


Artikelangabe kann sowohl über den EAN-Code als auch über den Produktkatalog erfolgen
Searching for and entering products


Select product and quantity

Enter the required product and quantity either using a handheld scanner or manually via the keyboard.

If the EAN code is not available, the item can also be easily found in the Brodos product catalogue.


Completing transfer

The required products have been transferred from store 1 to store 2 and are now available there.


Final screen for stock transfer


Function 2

All stock movements clearly listed in stock book


Festlegen der Prüfkriterien
Definition of selection criteria


Setting criteria

Select, for example, the required period and warehouse or store .


Follow stock movements

All incoming and outgoing goods are clearly displayed in colour.


Farbige Darstellung der Lagerbewegungen
Overview of stock transfer


Function 3

Check stock levels across several stores


Check availability

Check availability of various stocks in other warehouses and stores at a glance.


Verfügbarkeit prüfen
Product shown with image and price


Stock levels shown clearly

As products are listed in tabular form, it is easy to recognise which product is in stock in which quantity in which store or warehouse.


Übersichtlicher Artikelbestand
How stocks are shown


Function 4

Checking stock lists

The detailed stock lists from the ERP give all important information about the products which are in stock.


  • Stocks available in the warehouse or the stores, with images.
  • Value of goods available in a tabular form at all times - past values can also be retrieved, an important function for stocktaking and balance sheet purposes.
  • Quantity, prices, stock location - all at a glance.


It is so easy to get lists


Einschränkende Kriterien auswählen
Selecting characteristics



Select restrictions

Select warehouse or store.


Manufacturer or product group can be selected, if so required.


Overview of stock levels

Clear overview of all products, with product image, stock location, quantity, purchase price and value.

You also have the option of determining whether or not minus values can be entered.


Optional können bei den Warenbeständen Minusbuchungen zugelassen werden
Detailed overview of all products and product groups


Export function and saving

Simply print out, save as a PDF or export as a .csv file to, e.g., Excel.