Additional sales by recommending suitable accessories

Products suitable for each customer can be found quickly and easily in the extensive product catalogue in the online ERP system, boosting your turnover.

All accessories are available without having to be kept in stock in store or in the warehouse - the basis for perfect customer service!


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Function 1

Finding suitable accessories in the product catalogue offers accessories to match each product.
This not only optimises customer service, but boosts takings and turnover in each store, by giving sales staff the option of recommending matching purchases.


Bieten Sie Kunden schnell Alternativen an, falls ein Zubehör nicht vorrätig sein sollte
How suitable accessories are shown


Finding suitable accessories

By clicking on “accesssories” under the picture of the item, all products matching the goods are displayed, including picture, price and availability.
Accordingly, customers can be offered other alternatives if any particular accessory happens to be out of stock.


Function 2

Finding products compatible with the accessories

The practical suggestion function also works the other way round: it can be used to find products matching each accessory.


Display of compatible items

After choosing an accessory, you can click on “is accessory for” under the picture of the product to view matching products.


Unter der Vorschlagsfunktion werden passende Geräte zum Zubehör angezeigt
How products matching the accessory are shown