More than 1,000 products integrated ready for sale

The virtual products such as e.g. games credit, prepaid mobile phone top-ups or giftcards can be sold and activated immediately directly from the ERP system.The theftproof products are available at all times without any upfront payment and make it possible for additional turnover to be generated thanks to attractive conditions and by attracting new customer groups.

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Comprehensive ContentCard product catalogue

The continually growing catalogue contains the complete portfolio of virtual products. Whether games licences, prepaid top-ups or PINS or navigation software - all products are fully integrated, available at all times, cannot be stolen and allow further attractive product groups to be offered in store.


Top up prepaid credit for all mobile networks

O2, Telekom, Base/E-Plus, Vodafone, Congstar, ay yildiz, Fonic and many more … 


Video and navigation

TomTom, Navigon, maxdome and many more … 



It is so simple:

Direct top-up from customer accounts or by printing PIN codes


The selected product can be sold directly at the checkout in store either as a PIN print or by direct top-up and can then be activated immediately at the POS. 


Select product

Select the product you want from the extensive product catalogue.








Ongoing checks

Transparent live tracking across all stores and staff


Perfect control

Up to the second live tracking makes it possible to keep track of all top-ups made by sales staff in all outlets and stores. You are free to select whichever timeframe you wish.



Overview of activations



Security function no. 2

Restricting the use of functions to authorised devices

Installing security plugin

Before activating any in-store computer a plugin has to be installed which guarantees that the activation procedure is secure.

How plug-in installation is shown  



Allocate PC name

A name has to be allocated in order to have a checkout PC activated for selling virtual products.

Request which PC name is to be used for activation



Confirmation of successful activation


PC activation

Once a PC name has been specified, the data is checked by the service team and the given POS computer activated accordingly. Once activated, all virtual products from ContentCard can be sold. The service cannot be abused from any other computer.