What is brodos.net and who is behind it?

Work began on developing the cloud-based PS system with a central product catalogue and extensive ERP functions more than 15 years ago. Here you can find out all there is to know about the system which was introduced in 2006 and the team responsible for developing it.

Thanks to the web-based POS system brodos.net, manufacturers can sell their products via all connected retailers. By integrating local distributors, business can be carried out on a multinational level in the global brodos.net retailer network.

The News area allows manufacturers to pass information on directly to their retailers - giving information about products, promotions, discount campaigns or events and advertising films.

brodos.net is a shopping platform which is open to all distributors, granting them direct access to the large brodos.net retailer network. The automated CSV importer allows all catalogues to be entered into the system in next to no time and updated daily. Accordingly, all product data is always up to date and available to all retailers. The News area allows distributors to pass information on directly to their retailers - giving information about products, incentives, special offers or events.

The multichannel functions offered by brodos.net allow distributors to be integrated into the online B2B or B2C activities of the retailers without incurring any additional expense.

brodos.net is an extremely user-friendly POS system with a central product database. All products are kept up to date in the catalogue - together with product images and all relevant information. In addition to POS software, brodos.net also offers comprehensive ERP functions such as warehouse management, closing cash balance functions, repair processing modules, document management or a user-friendly ticket system. By planning and monitoring revenue with the assistance of the gross profit overview function, your annual forecast can be drawn up in just 10 minutes and actual revenue is compared to this forecast in real time. The result: retailers can keep a grip on figures at all times.

The CRM functions offered by brodos.net make it possible for smaller retailers to carry out marketing campaigns and offer services which would usually entail having other programmes connected via an interface. Using brodos.net, retailers can access all data including sales history, revenue calculator and discounting options.

Thanks to the integrated portfolio of virtual products offered by ContentCard AG, all retailers are able to sell telephone credit, software or gift vouchers and have products activated immediately at the POS.

Hardware such as scanners, receipt printers, customer displays or cash drawers can be rented for a minimal monthly charge.


The central product database - products, accessories and additional information at a glance

The huge product database is crowd sourced and kept up to date at all times, showing all products ready for sale together with detailed information and product images for all products. All retailers have all products in their POS systems straightaway, without having to enter them themselves. The system does not only show the selected product, it also shows which accessories match the selected item, giving retailers the opportunity to boost their turnover thanks to cross selling.

The multinational nature of the software means that all products can be shown in a wide range of languages and with the corresponding currencies and rates of VAT. The product catalogue does not only give a comprehensive overview of the complete product range, it also shows current stocks on hand and lets new products be entered easily. Your own product catalogue can be brought up date as often as you need or want thanks to automatic product imports. This lets you change prices, special offers or stock levels several times a day if so required. In addition, the system offers special functions for certain branches such as, e.g. a tariff calculator for the mobile telecommunications sector which can be used to compare contracts, making it easier for customers to select the best tariff and product.

As the only online ERP system, brodos.net is in a position to offer a wide range of virtual products - prepaid cards, activation codes for games like World of Warcraft and the Xbox, updates for navigation systems etc - which can be sold and activated directly at the POS.

Customer management - all data available anytime, anywhere

In the customer management function, the retailer can view all customer data and use the integrated ticket system to document and process all customer incidents successfully. All customer data is readily available quickly, clearly and in full at all times, and is stored and backed up daily on the virtual drive in the data processing centre. This allows retailers to adopt an active selling strategy, generating automatic SMS campaigns, emails or circulars regarding, e.g., product highlights, special offers or contract upgrades. The customer management function of brodos.net makes CRM easier and allows campaigns to be tailored to meet the needs of various customers.

The professional POS system - your one stop shop for all hardware components at a reasonable price

If required, brodos.net can also offer professional POS hardware. All components - receipt printer, scanner, customer display and cash drawer - are synchronised, making the payment collection process very straightforward. The POS hardware is of a high quality, technically advanced, user friendly, reliable and yet still reasonably priced. If any of the equipment should prove to be faulty, brodos.net is quick to help by replacing the faulty device immediately at no extra charge.

Analyses - detailed analyses on takings, revenue and turnover according to sales staff

A further highlight offered by brodos.net are the analyses - in particular planning and controlling on the basis of the gross profit overview. Users always have an overview of current takings, daily revenue and turnover in each of their stores. Detailed analyses show them whether the planned targets are being reached, which locations are doing well and which sales staff are contributing particularly well to profits. They can see exactly which product was sold and purchased when and by whom. On the basis of these figures, retailers can optimally manage their stores and shops, monitor sales staff and introduce commission payments as an incentive to making more sales. In addition, the closing cash balance function gives retailers an overview of current daily takings.

The accounting interface can be used to import all records such as e.g. invoices, credit notes and receipts into the retailer’s accounts automatically on a daily or monthly basis. From there the records can be sent directly to the tax consultant via the financial accounting interface. This saves time and money and guarantees that your books are always up to date.

Ingeniously simple - always available, secure and user friendly

brodos.net is not only user friendly and available anytime from anywhere, it also offers the highest degree of security and protection from hackers and viruses. Data is saved centrally and backed up on a daily basis. In addition to the extensive employee rights administration function, retailers have the option of using the brodos.net security token. This security token works on the basis of a unique number code such as those commonly used in large concerns, making password theft impossible.

Thanks to cloud computing technology, there is no need to install expensive hardware or software.

brodos.net is the modern, simple and secure cloud-based POS system with a central product database and a wide range of ERP functions. It is entirely web-based and can be used from anywhere at anytime. Using brodos.net, retailers can coordinate, manage and monitor all processes and procedures in their shop or store. It offers retailers a straightforward, functional tool for managing all business processes, ranging from taking orders or making sales to managing stocks, employees, customers and documents.

brodos.net offers a number of features equipping retailers to deal with the ever-changing retail sector of the future: not only is it user friendly, secure and reasonably priced, it can also be used from any location, is run on the basis of Software as a Service (SaaS) without the user having to install expensive hardware or software, and offers diverse multichannel functions.

brodos.net products & order is a purchase platform enabling retailers to use all functions concerning the ordering and selling of virtual products, free of charge.

brodos.net POS is the optimal solution for shops which have no more than three checkouts. For a monthly charge of as little as €29, retailers can use both the POS system and all ERP functions which are not available for use across several stores.

brodos.net POS plus offers retailers with several stores the possibility to keep track of all processes in all their branches and stores. Whether checking stock movements, motivating employees or viewing cash balances from any one location, brodos.net allows retailers with several branches to keep track of all their business.

Work began on developing the brodos.net ERP system in 2006. Based on the experience gained from almost 15 years of doing business in the retail AND distribution sectors, Brodos AG developed an ERP system tailored to meet the needs of the wholesale trade whilst at the same time catering to the requirements of the daily users - i.e. specialist retailers in the retail sector. The result: a simple POS system with a centralised product database and all important ERP functions.

More than 30 developers based both in our own development centre in Baiersdorf in South Germany and in our development location founded in 2011 in Ahmedabad in India are working on this multinational system. Approximately 20 application managers are keeping their finger on the pulse of the customers and their needs, evaluating and documenting new functions. The brodos.net System Centre UK was founded in 2011, the first international agency of brodos.net established under the franchise system. Further franchises are currently in the process of being founded in various continents.