Comprehensive security and simple operation

The online ERP system offers centralised protection against hackers and viruses, securing all data with regular backups. All data is stored in the central data centre, and can be retrieved from anywhere and at any time.
Thanks to cloud computing technology, there is no need to download any other updates or install any software. You always automatically work with the latest version. This ensures the highest possible degree of security and a convenient way to work.


Absolutely secure offers optimal protection for your data: you are protected against hackers and viruses, a security token ensures the best possible password protection and your data is kept safe reliably at all times thanks to daily back-ups.



Thanks to cloud computing technology all products and functions are accessible from any web-enabled PC, laptop or mobile phone - no matter where in the world you are.


If you should ever have any questions, we are quick to help.


No need for installations

  • no need to install software or updates
  • no need to invest in own server
  • state of the art technology