Collect payment quickly and easily!

The optimally integrated POS hardware, consisting of a receipt printer, cash drawer, customer display and handheld scanner allows payment transactions to be completed swiftly in all stores, providing the best possible customer service.
The cash journal with archive which can be used across several stores provides you with a convenient tool for managing all cash flow as well as all deposits and withdrawals. The simple and reliable closing cash balance function allows a cash report to be drawn up quickly, showing straightaway what balance should be in the cash registers in the evening.


Receipt printer

Dimensions (l x w x h in mm): 142 x 204 x 132


  • very quick
  • for extra long till rolls of up to 80m
  • electronic paper cutter



One-off charge: € 120.00
Monthly charge: € 6.70


Cash drawer

Dimensions (l x w x h in mm): 410 x 415 x 110

  • The cash drawer opens automatically,
  • helping you collect payments
  • quickly and easily.



One-off charge:   € 30.00
Monthly charge:   € 1.80


Customer display

Dimensions (l x w x h in mm): 218 x 105 x 179-533

Customer communication and service made easy.
The customer can follow the entire transaction and sees
both the amount to be paid and the change due.



One-off charge:   € 55.00
Monthly charge:   € 3.20


USB handheld scanner

Dimensions (l x w x h in mm): 152.3 x 104.9 x 64.4

  • high-performance handheld scanner with latest LED technology
  • scans barcodes from the side and from a distance
  • plug & play via USB port



One-off charge:   € 26.40
Monthly charge:   € 1.50


Cash journal and closing cash balance also provides you with a cash journal which can be used across all your stores and which offers an archive as well as a simple and reliable closing cash balance function.
The cash journal lists withdrawals and deposits with booking accounts and cost centres.


Immediate exchange

Should a cash register in your store be faulty, we’ll replace it straightaway- sending you a new one quickly, straightforwardly and at no extra charge.


Touchscreen compatible

  • compatible with all touch and non-touch monitors available on the market
  • existing screen can be used
  • lets you collect payments professionally