Print off your own DHL parcel label in store

With the online ERP system, parcel labels can be created quickly and easily at the computer attached to the in-store POS system. Address data is entered automatically from the customer database.
The parcel can then be given directly to either the postman or handed into the post office, avoiding the queues.


It is so simple:

Creating and printing DHL parcel label for postage

Each user of can enjoy the benefits and reasonable conditions of the online ERP system without entering into a contract with DHL.

The parcel label is available at all times and without making any upfront investment - it can be printed off straightaway.


Form for parcel labels


Fill in form

  • Select parcel weight (10, 20 or 31.5 kilos)
  • Take over address from customer or supplier database
  • Sender address has already been entered automatically


Attach parcel label


Print off and attach label

After having been created with a standard printer, the finished DHL parcel label can be attached to the parcel.


Send parcel

Avoid the queues and get your parcel on the road quickly by either handing it to the postman or dropping it in to the post office.


Collection in store


Each parcel is insured for a value of up to 500 euros at no extra charge. The sum insured can be increased by making an additional payment.


Insured sum

up to 500euros
up to 2,500euros
up to 25,000euros



free of charge