Print off your own price tags in store!

Professional price tags can be created directly and conveniently at the POS PC for all products included in the product catalogue, which is always kept up to date. Product data is entered into the prepared layouts at the touch of a button. generates three different formats, which include product image, product information and price and fit into existing price tag holders.


A5  (148 × 210 cm):Product image with price and product information
A6  (105 ×148 cm):Product description with properties and price
Mini   (68 × 78 cm):Product name with price


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It is so simple:

Creating price tags for products


Selecting products


Select product from the product catalogue

  • Select product from the product catalogue, which is kept up to date at all times
  • Select format by clicking on the “price tag generator” button


Select format and quantity

  • Enter required quantity
  • Select size A5, A6 or “mini”
  • Print off in the required formats by pressing the “generate” button


Selecting quantity and formats


Pricing goods

Once the price tags have been printed, goods can be professionally priced in store.


The perfect addition to your order:

plexi price tag holders for pricing goods in store


Purchase price tag display

Acrylic price tag holders in the sizes A5, A6 and mini matching the price tags can be ordered cheaply here.
The holders give each store a uniform, tidy appearance.