Planned/actual figures at a glance at all times!

The automatic target attainment checks compare actual revenue with daily forecasts at all times. The percentage shows you straightaway whether your shops or sales staff are successful.


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Function 1:

Planning: Plan annual revenue for branches and sales staff

Thanks to the convenient planning function, the entire annual forecast can be completed for all stores and sales staff in just 10 minutes! berechnet automatisch für Sie die Tages-Planerträge für jeden Mitarbeiter

Entering figures for planned monthly revenue


Determining monthly revenue

Simply enter the planned monthly revenue for the branch and sales staff. automatically calculates the planned daily revenue which has to be generated in order to reach the target.


Calculating annual revenue

All monthly target figures for stores and sales staff are automatically rounded up into planned revenue for the entire year.


Overview of planned annual figures


Official bank document

The annual forecast is suitable for being presented to banks or creditors together with the monthly comparison between planned and actual figures.


Function 2:

Revenue: Check current revenue figures in the gross profit overview

The gross profit overview gives a clear overview of revenue for all branches and all sales staff, providing together with the annual forecast the basis for comparing planned and actual figures.


Im Rohertragsbuch können Sie die Erträge aller Filialen und Verkäufer übersichtlich ansehen.
Showing all sales in the selected period


Selecting the required category in the gross profit overview

The way in which figures are shown can be tailored to suit the needs of each individual retailer.


Checking revenue

All sales are listed in the gross profit overview, giving date of sale, salesperson, item and price.
The list for the required period can be sent as a CSV file.


Im Rohertragsbuch sind alle Verkaufstätigkeiten mit Verkaufsdatum, Filiale, Verkäufer, Artikel und Preis aufgeführt.
Possible individual settings


Function 3

Attainment of targets: Detailed and ongoing comparison of planned and actual figures

Just by looking at any particular figure, you can tell whether or not your store or sales staff are successful. The target achievement quota is updated constantly on the basis of the comparison between planned and actual figures, showing you howtrends are developing.
You always know in which store and with which salesperson business is going very well, where revenue is being generated as planned and in which stores sales need to be boosted.



Automatic comparison planned/actual figures:


The  previously determined target figures for each salesperson or each branch...


Revenue compared by the second to the current sales as recorded in the
gross profit overview.


Overview of planned revenue


                                             Overview of individual planned revenue


Clear analysis
Planned and actual revenue is integrated into one graph.
See planned and actual figures and target achievement at a glance


Target figures from annual business forecast

Cumulative revenue figures from gross profit overview


Ongoing monitoring of revenue

The up to date projection shows you straightaway how the current month is developing.




Motivate and monitor

The constantly up to date target achievement quota offers a solid basis for motivating sales staff - especially if their salaries include a commission component.

Past periods can also be viewed, thanks to the archive function.