Save time and money with up to date accounting sends all financially relevant records such as invoices, credit notes and all cash movements to the tax consultant simply and conveniently. This saves time and money, as your tax consultant receives records correctly and on time and can import them straightaway in the correct format.
Using this POS system, you can allocate withdrawals, deposits, expenses etc. straightaway to the relevant cost centre.


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Function 1

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Select data format and period

  • Select required data format - such as e.g. Topix or DATEV
  • Determine time period for export
  • Add recipient’s email address



Die FiBu-Schnittstelle erleichtert Finanzbuchhaltung
Overview of transferred details


Function 2

Keep track of what has been exported: checking transfer of records


Vollständige Belegexportkontrolle

How exported records and cash movements are shown


Checking export of records

The invoice journal can be used to check whether, when and which records have already been sent to the tax consultant.
The automatic numbering system lets him or her see straightaway whether all files have been received.
The programme can be set to filter according to records which have not yet been sent.


Triple savings

The simple, convenient financial accounting interface saves time and money, but perhaps even more importantly, your nerves.