All documents at a glance!

The fully integrated document management system means that all records, properties and documents are archived centrally with customers, employees or suppliers and can be viewed from anywhere at any time.
Optimise customer service - even across all your stores.


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Function 1

Overview of information and data


Alle Kundendaten im Blick
How master data is shown


All data at a glance

The master data gives a clear overview of all data relating to a customer, employee or supplier.


Find data more quickly

As data is split into various categories, all documents can be found quickly at all times.


Daten schneller finden
Navigation bar for master data


Function 2

Ordered documents: individual document categories in detail


Sofort wissen, welche Merkmale und Eigenschaften ihre Kunden haben
Detailed view of properties


View properties

Here you can see the properties and attributes you have allocated to the customer.

You can see straightaway whether he wears glasses or whether she enjoys cycling.



Retrieving records

All records such as orders, offers and invoices relating to the customer are summarised and saved under this tab.



Rechnungen und Aufträge eines Kunden schnell finden
How selected records are shown



Kundentickets leicht erstellt
Ticket history



Checking tickets

All processes which have ever been created in relation to any particular customer can be retrieved here.



Add attachments

All records, images, copies of passports and other documents relating directly to the customer can be scanned or uploaded and saved on the virtual drive and can be retrieved from anywhere.



Durch virtuelle Laufwerke sind die angelegten Anlagen überall von Ihnen abrufbar
View of connected drive


Function 3

Who is allowed to do what? Rights management


Bestimmen, welcher Mitarbeiter auf welche Daten zugreifen und verändern darf
Selecting rights in the category master data


Allocating rights

Each employee can be allocated or denied individual rights. You can determine who is allowed to enter or delete customer data and who is allowed to access the saved data.


Function 4

Secure access from anywhere: saving all data centrally


Secure data processing centre

All documents are saved securely in our central data processing centre and can be retrieved from any laptop or PC at all times and from anywhere thanks to modern cloud computing technology.

You no longer need any space for bulky folders, and all documents are protected at all times from fire and water damage or a hard disk crash.

Further information can be found under the menu point Absolutely secure.