Order Processing

Automated order fulfilment via StoreShip

With the brodos.net Online Shop, order fulfilment is done automatically via the built-in StoreShip functionality – you just have to wait until the customer collects his/her order and pays.

Ordering process

An online shopping experience your customers have come to expect

The customer can browse the product catalogue online, compare product specifications, and order the desired item.

Orders via StoreShip

After that, the customer is presented with the StoreShip ordering form. Once the order is completed, the fulfilment process in StoreShip is triggered – all you need to do is wait until the customer pays fort he order and picks up the goods.


If a customer does not pick up her/his ordered items , you can notify the StoreShip support team up to 10 days after having received the shipment. If the product is still in its original packaging, you will receive a shipping label for a free product return.