Homepage Maker

Own configurable levels

Homepage Maker

With the integrated homepage maker, you can create an entire website within a matter of minutes.

How to create and change contents

1. Intuitive user menu

Immediately after registering you can use the user menu to select which contents you would like to edit or create.

2. Easy to manage information

The information for the header and legal notice can be entered quickly and easily using an easy to understand form.

3. Own pages in a matter of minutes

The web editor for creating your own pages is extremely easy to use. Thanks to the real image display in the WYSIWYG editor you can see what your page will look like straightaway.

4. Editing made easy

Keep your page up to date. Thanks to the quick edit option you can change, add to or delete any page at any time.

5. Customizable themes

Vodafone red or maybe neutral after all? With the customizable themes from the online shop you can alter the header quickly and easily to suit your company’s CI. You can use your own logo, change the colour selection and use a picture of your store as the central image.

6. Optional home delivery

With just a few clicks you can activate the home delivery module. Another button appears in the shopping basket offering the end customer the option of home delivery. The parcel is then not delivered to your store but in your name directly to your customers.

7. Expert mode for professionals

You already know a little about HTML / CSS and would like to have more design options? With one click you can switch over into the source code view, customize the page even further and integrate cocde snippets, for example from Google Maps.

8. Order fulfilment

Thanks to StoreShip integration, order fulfilment is carried out entirely automatically.

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