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Brodos.net Kiosk – now also available for your tablet

The brodos.net Kiosk is available for a wide range of hardware types. Simply use your own tablet with the brodos.net Kiosk app.

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Not all retail stores are created equal, and sometimes it requires customized solutions to achieve the best outcomes. That’s why you are not tied to any particular hardware with our brodos.net solution. You can simply install our brodos.net Kiosk app on your tablet or Android device of your choice and start selling. With the brodos.net Kiosk app you can offer a huge range of mobile devices and consumer electronics products in your store. This is how you can sell more than 250,000 products on the brodos.net market place without tying up your capital or having to have the goods physically in store. Using the intuitive interface of teh Kiosk app, sales staff and end customers can together select the desired product, and then order it directly via the integrated “StoreShip” Click & Collect function. All you need is an Android-based tablet to start the app. A multimedia shopping experience: Attractive product videos, images and product data support your sales efforts.

System requirements:

  • Operating system: Android 4.xx; 5.xx; 6.xx, 7.xx
  • Available memory: at least 16GB
  • Connectors: Power, 1x USB
  • CPU: 1.3 Quad-Core or higher
  • RAM: at least 2GB
  • Display sizes: at least 10“
  • Pixel density: 160 up to 240 dpi
  • Resolution (Drawable density): medium-density (mdpi) screens
  • Layout size: Extra large

How it works:

  • Install the Kiosk app on any Android tablet.
  • To register and activate the ordering funktions, a valid MAC address and the email address of your Google account is needed.
  • Please sign up via email at support@brodos.net or via phone at +49 9133 / 7770-800 (Mon-Fri 9:00am to 6:00pm only).

Die App steht derzeit nur bei uns registrierten Händlern zur Verfügung. Lassen Sie sich heute noch bei uns registrieren!