Release of order at brodos.net Kiosk

Release of order at brodos.net Kiosk

Each order at the kiosk must be subsequently confirmed in order not to trigger fake or erroneous orders. Does not happen
Release, the order is automatically canceled.
The following possibilities of release exist:

1. Release via order confirmation email

After each order, you will automatically receive a confirmation email with the possibility of ordering

a.) ... by clicking on "Send order" to confirm or
b.) ... by clicking on "Cancel order"

You will also receive this confirmation email if you have already applied one of the alternative sharing methods. In these cases, you can ignore the confirmation email.

2. Release via barcodes on the order confirmation receipt:

You can use this barcode ...


a.)... in your access to the brodos.net distribution (System1) under the ContentCard module:

  • Dealer login to brodos.net
  • Area ContentCard → Charging
  • Scan the barcode into the EAN field
  • "Activate ContentCard"
  • A confirmation printout will be made

b.) … in your brodos.net ERP ONLY scan in the cash register:

This requires two separate barcodes. This feature can be activated directly on the kiosk:

  • 3-point menu >> Settings >> "combined barcode" = OFF
  • Login to the merchandise management brodos.net
  • Sales >> Checkout >> Cash
  • scan the upper bar code (EAN) into the item number field
  • scan the lower barcode (serial number) into the serial number field
  • Collect

You do not have access to the brodos.net ERP system yet?  Get information here

c.) … scan in your brodos.net miniciosk:

  • scan the barcode into the search bar
  • select the item "Kiosk Order Confirmation"
  • Click on "ContentCard Activation"
  • an expression confirms the successful authorization

You do not have a mini-kiosk yet? Get information here