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  • Making products visible in brick and mortar retail
  • Specialist retailers take care of order fulfilment and customer communication
  • Additional sales possible by cross-selling with other items


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Four steps to success

How does it work? It’s quite simple!


1. Register for a
sales account


2. List products
free of charge


3. Products are sold in
brick and mortar retail


4. You dispatch the goods and
settle accounts with retailer


What are your advantages as a supplier?

  • Increased points of sale & coverage
  • Management and control of sales channels
  • Straightforward order processing
  • Guaranteed payments
  • Brodos takes care of communication with customers
  • Market analysis and statistics


Co-ordinating orders and deliveries

Retailers sell, you deliver – we take care of smooth
coordination between you and the retailer.

There is a lot to be done between receiving the order
and delivering the goods...



  • Your products are purchased by end customers either in retail stores or online
  • Brodos automatically forwards orders to you by e-mail
  • The products and the delivery note are sent by you to the end customer


  • Brodos takes care of settling accounts and collecting payments on behalf of the retailer, assuming the risk of non-payment.
  • Brodos sets up your system to accept incoming orders using an API interface


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Here you can advertise special offers, promotions or special products. Brodos issues newsletters to retailers on a daily basis – spreading the word about your special offers.


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Don’t worry if you don’t have any product data on hand!

The Brodos catalog team is there to help you prepare your data. We are happy to optimize your data and supply any missing content.


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