Product prices

Customers compare prices.

If the price is not right...

Half of all customers now compare prices online. In the age of the smartphone and the ubiquitous internet, they now often do so on the spot - directly in store! Brick and mortar retailers are faced with the new challenge of how to respond to this unprecedented price transparency. That is where our StoreShip price comes into play!

The right price - every time


Daily price checks online
The prices of all 250,000 products on are verified and updated online every day.

Transparenter Preis

Transparent prices
All researched prices for a given product are compared to better understand the “true” market price.

Fairer Endkundenpreis

Fair end customer price
The calculated StoreShip prices are only displayed if the retail price is competitive with the online price.

Alle Plattformen

Price visibility across all Brodos platforms
All StoreShip prices are displayed for all products across all Brodos platforms.

Stay competitive with the lowest possible purchase price

Our tools allow brick and mortar retailers to source products at the lowest possible cost. This is the only way to respond to the challenge of eCommerce.

Price challenge for manufacturers

The StoreShip price analyses pricing trends for all products listed in the product catalog, whilst also offering manufacturers feedback on their own products. Manufacturers can respond faster to price fluctuations or rapid price drops.

Point of sale bonus
Brodos AG supports brick and mortar retailers with the S-PoS bonus. The S-PoS bonus rewards retailers who differentiate themselves from eCommerce players through quality, service and professional advice.


How is the StoreShip price determined?

The StoreShip price addresses all challenges faced by brick and mortar retailers, e-commerce players and manufacturers.
The specific advantages of online and offline channels shape the calculation of a fair retail price.

  • Country-specific benchmarks (e.g. Germany, UK, France...)
  • Category-specific benchmarks
  • Benchmarks sourced from more than 25 different sources
  • Relevance of offers
  • Relevance of suppliers/sources
  • Latest offers
  • Shipping costs
  • Availability
  • Minimum margin for the retailer
  • Volume discounts
  • Flexible target margins according to category
  • Calculation of sell-through incentives via S-PoS
  • The StoreShip price is displayed across all Brodos platforms
  • Only once a minimum retail margin has been reached
  • Only once a fair retail price can be guaranteed